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  • Michigan State Board of Barber Examiners
  • Michigan Dept. of Education Rehabilitation Services
  • Michigan Dept. of Education for Veterans Benefits


  • State of Michigan Barber's Association
  • Lansing Barber's Association - Local 60

Barber/Styling College, Inc. agrees to comply with the title VI of the civil rights acts of 1964 (P.L. 88352) and all requirements imposed by or pursuant to the regulation of the Department of Education (45 CFT PART 80) issued pursuant to that end, in accordance with title VI of the act and regulations, no person in the U.S. shall, on the grounds of race, sex, color, age, religion, or national origin, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subject to discrimination under any program or activity for which the applicant received Federal Financial Assistance from the Department, and hereby gives assurance that we will immediately take any measure necessary to effectuate this agreement.

Pursuant to the family educational rights and privacy act of 1974, a student or former student has the right to inspect his or her educational records maintained by the school.  A student must request in writing that the School Director make his or her file available for inspection.  In order to gain access to their cumulative records, an appointment will be made by the School Director within a 30 day period and files will be viewed under the supervision of a member of the administrative staff. The school does not release information unless agreed upon with the student in writing.  A form will be provided to the student for this purpose.
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