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The Barber/Styling College, Inc. was formed and opened in Lansing in 1992.  Ample parking is available for students and clients.  The location is ideal for attracting clientele for your practical training.

Regular client gets a quality cut from a student!

The Barber/Styling College's first and foremost responsibility is to help you, the student, reach your fullest potential!  To succeed we use a time-proven "hands-on" approach under the supervision of a licensed barber instructor.  We duplicate the real-world tasks and working conditions to better equip you as a professional barber.  An instructor is always available to answer questions and to guide you through new tasks and techniques.
We help you to accomplish three main goals:
  1. Develop entry-level skills needed to start
  2. Pass the Barber Licensing Exam and get licensed
  3. Master your skills and desire for continued success

Modern Quality Equipment

The instructional facilities at the Barber/Styling College of Lansing are some of the most modern in the state.  The practical training area is equipped to accommodate 40 FULL TIME students.  There are barber and styling chairs, sanitizers, lather machines, hot and cold water sinks, mirrors, linen cabinets, etc. 
The classroom area is equipped with student desks, dry-erase board, anatomy charts, VCR and TV for instructional tapes, a full source reference library and mannequins.
Lockers are also available for students.

Practice with opportunities to EXCEL!

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